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Conditions of Use and Access for Staff Membership Registration

As an eligible employee, retiree or family member of the Airline Travel Industry you are responsible for knowing and respecting the rules of this membership. To help ensure the continued fairness of the listings on this site, you are required to read and confirm your agreement with the following conditions of use and access to

  • I warrant that I am an active/retired employee or an eligible family member of the Airline Travel Industry and that I qualify for Interline Privileges such as Deals, Discounts, Specials, Prices, Rates or Reductions.
  • I understand that when requested, I must provide the supplier with whom I purchased travel, accommodations, tours, products, services, etc., my Airline Travel Industry Company employee ID card or any other valid proof verifying my status as an active, retired employee or as an eligible family member of the Airline Travel Industry.
  • I understand that if I cannot present an Airline Travel Industry Company employee ID card or any other means of valid proof, that I'm not eligible for the products/services as provided on web site and therefore forfeit the associated rates.
  • It is the responsibility of each employee to ensure that they, their traveling companion(s) and eligible family members conduct themselves according to industry accepted rules of conduct for non-revenue travel. Do not, under any circumstances, discuss your fare arrangements with your fellow passengers, local travel agent, or friends that are non-interline.
  • I understand that the confidential "Password" required to access may not be disclosed to any person at any time.

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